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Virtual Story Time

A customer ordered Mitti for her grandson who lived in another city. Due to the strict Covid lockdown in her country, she did not know when there would be a chance to visit and deliver Mitti. 

SPP designed a Virtual Story Time program for folk who are living at a distance from their loved ones but who still want to participate in Story Time.

  • If you have sent Mitti of Watermill Dam as a present to a young reader and would like the pleasure of reading the book virtually - this is the page for you. 

  • The linked document will allow you to participate in Virtual Story Time.

  • You can read the text for the book ‘Mitti of Watermill Dam’ via Facetime or Teams and the young reader will enjoy the book in their own home.

  • Enjoy close participation in the story and ask the young reader to turn the page, ask about the illustrations; – Where is Mitti? What is Mitti doing now?  Where does Mitti swim?

  • We hope Virutal Story Time assists you to participate in reading Mitti.


If you have bought a copy of Mitti of Watermill Dam and would like to read it virtually to a young reader, press the button below to access the Virtual Story Time program.

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